National Backward Classes Commission

National Backward Classes Commission

  1. It has been given the mandate of examining requests for inclusion of any class of citizens as a backward class and hear complaints of over-inclusion or under-inclusion in such lists and tender advice to the Government.
National Commission for Scheduled Castes

  1. To monitor the safeguards provided for the SCs and to evaluate the working of such safeguards.
  2. To inquire into specific complaints.
  3. To advise on the planning process for SC development and to evaluate the progress of their development.
  1. While investigating into matters, it has the powers of a civil court trying a suit. Such powers include:
    1. Summoning and enforcing the attendance and examine him under oath.
    2. Requiring the discovery and production of any documents.
    3. Receiving evidence on affidavits.
  2. The Commission has offices in 12 States/UTs, which enables it to have a wide perspective. 
  3. The Commission is organized around four wings which look after administration, safeguards, atrocities and rights violations, and economic and social development respectively. 

National Commission for Scheduled Tribes
  1. The NCST functions through units which look after administration, coordination, socio-economic development, safeguards and atrocities. It has six regional offices which provide it with a regional perspective.

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